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Why Rhinoplasty Has Been One of the Most Popular Procedures for Years

Approximately 200,000 people in the United States undergo nose surgery to correct nasal aesthetics or function every year. This makes it one of the more popular plastic surgeries available. With so many people undergoing the operation, it is fair to ask what makes rhinoplasty so appealing? Of course, everyone who has the surgery has their own unique issues, but here are a few of the most significant factors why rhinoplasty is so popular.

The Nose Is the Focal Point of the Face

Your nose is the most prominent feature on your face. This means it is the first thing someone sees when meeting you for the first time. A slight imperfection on your nose will be very obvious since it’s impossible to hide this feature. This is why thousands of people are deciding to opt for nose surgery for cosmetic purposes.

Improve Facial Appearance

You should not be ashamed of not liking the way your nose appears. Whether it’s too big for your face, has a hump, or has a bulbous tip, your nose can easily be altered with rhinoplasty. The operation allows you to discuss your goals with your plastic surgeon before the procedure. Your doctor will use this information to create a customized surgical plan to give you the nose of your dreams. The exact nature of the surgery makes it an excellent way to improve your facial appearance and boost your confidence.

Correct Functional Issues

While most forms of plastic surgery are done primarily for aesthetic purposes, rhinoplasty helps correct your nose’s physical issues. The septum is cartilage that separates the breathing passages in the nose. If the septum deviates, you will struggle with severe breathing issues. This can happen because of injury or birth defects. Surgically correcting the septum during surgery is an excellent way to gain full use of your nose. You will be fascinated at how much better you feel when rhinoplasty opens breathing passages so you can breathe more freely.

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