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  1. How to Enhance Your Breast Augmentation Results

    Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the U.S., with high patient satisfaction and safety ratings. It’s also highly customizable, with various implant types, shapes, sizes, and placement techniques. How can you make the right choices to get optimal results? And what can you do after your surgery to enhance your… Read More

  2. Why Women Choose Breast Lift Surgery

    Though breast lifts are somewhat less sought-after than breast augmentation, breast lifts remain enduringly popular cosmetic choices. Breast lift surgery is second only to breast augmentation for the number of breast procedures annually. This breast rejuvenation surgery addresses the common cosmetic concerns many women have about their breasts, including the following. Resize the Areolas In… Read More

  3. Does Botox Change Your Eye Shape?

    While many people consider their eyes to be their most expressive, flattering facial feature, aging can etch prominent wrinkles like brow furrows and crow’s feet, detracting from your appearance. Aesthetic medicine can resolve these issues with the most popular cosmetic treatment worldwide. Botox relaxes facial muscles, preventing repeated movement to soften or eliminate dynamic wrinkles…. Read More

  4. Creating a Balanced Facial Profile

    While facial balance has long been considered the true essence of beauty, balance doesn’t rely on one particular feature but instead on how your facial features complement each other to enhance your entire appearance. Creating a well-balanced, attractive facial profile involves making sure that your features are pleasant on their own but also work together… Read More

  5. Answers to Your Common Body Contouring Questions

    You’re working hard to achieve a lean, sculpted figure, but what happens if you can’t achieve your goals through fitness and nutrition alone? Teaming body contouring procedures with your current healthy diet and exercise routine might provide the answer to addressing stubborn fat in specific areas. At Gables Plastic Surgery, we can help boost your… Read More

  6. Helpful Tips for Your Breast Lift Recovery

    A breast lift is a common procedure to enhance the youthful appearance of breasts and the overall figure. While all patients and breast lift surgeries are unique, here are some tips to help during your recovery period. At Gables Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jorge de la Pedraja wants your breast lift in Miami recovery to go… Read More

  7. New Year, New You with These Body Procedures

    For many people, a “new you” means that you’re working hard to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and practice better self-care. Enhancing your body’s curves and contours for a new you is easier than ever in this new year. Get ready to reclaim your confidence while discovering your new you! When we look and feel our… Read More

  8. Can Fat Return After Liposuction?

    Liposuction can address stubborn pockets of fat that are keeping you from your ideal figure, but you are probably wondering if fat can return after you undergo the treatment. In particular, you might be curious about the best lifestyle choices you’ll need to make following your procedure to maintain your weight and protect the investment… Read More

  9. Here’s How to Fix Your Stretched Earlobes

    Whether your earlobes were intentionally stretched as a fashion choice or unintentionally stretched over decades over wearing heavy earrings, earlobes can develop enlarged holes that do not close or may eventually split the earlobe. If you are looking to restore your stretched earlobes for a more youthful look, or because you would like to wear… Read More

  10. Choosing the Best Body Contouring Procedures for You

    Deciding upon body contouring procedures is a uniquely individual decision. No one can determine the areas of the body that make you feel self-conscious or frustrated except you. However, body contouring procedures can address problem areas and help improve your confidence. At Gables Plastic Surgery, we welcome all bodies. Dr. Jorge de la Pedraja can… Read More